Finally, our drying stand guide is here! You probably haven’t missed that, in addition to all ironing boards, we also have a large number of drying stands to choose from in our range. We are passionate about innovative and practical solutions that suit everyone and in this guide, we take you through some of our favorites. From compact options for small spaces to robust models with extra features – we’ve covered all the bases to make your choice as easy as possible!

  1. Extra everything! – Shape

    We’re off to a strong start, but a relatively new member of the family, the Shape drying stand. A given option for those looking for the Rolls-Royce of drying stands. Here we have collected all the best features, such as extra strong drying lines made of tubes that create air around the clothes and reduce the drying time. Our patented design that locks the wings in the retracted position makes handling and storage extra easy. It is also equipped with a locking mechanism that locks the legs in the extended position for extra safety. Yes, Shape has everything you can think of. It is a very stable drying stand with a wide leg stand and sturdy feet and is nevertheless very easy to fold out and fold.

    Shape comes in the colors white and black.

  2. Perfect for sheets and curtains – Omega

    Omega is a real favorite for those who want space for the slightly larger textiles. Here we have a further development of the classic drying stand which, with extra long lines, is specially adapted for larger textiles such as sheets or curtains. All of this requires extra stability, which Omega of course offers, with sturdy feet and a wider leg stance, you can trust that the stand will always be stable.

    Omega comes in the color white.

  3. The classic choice – Sussi

    If you are looking for the traditional and something that always works, Sussi is the given choice. Sussi is a bestseller and never disappoints. It is a stable drying stand perfect for your everyday laundry. Here, too, you will find our patented construction that locks the wings in the retracted position, which facilitates movement and storage. Likewise, the leg stand has a locking mechanism and locks the legs in the unfolded position for extra safety. Sussi is a safe and secure choice and simply has everything you need!

    Sussi comes in the colors white, black, Space Grey and Rosé which is currently at a promotional price!

  4. Stability and security – Neo

    Neo is perfect for you who put stability and safety first. This is our only drying rack that locks both wings and legs in the retracted position for optimal storage and movement. The wide leg position makes Neo very stable and stable, which minimizes the risk of tipping over. The stand is also one of our two drying stands that do not have crossed legs, which is perfect for those who want free space under the frame.

    Neo comes in the colors white, Colour and Rosé, which are currently at a promotional price!

  5. Easy to store – Nano

    Are you looking for a more compact drying stand without wings but with an optimal storage solution? Yes, then you have found the right one! Nano is perfect for those who live in a small area and do not want their drying stand standing in front when it is not in use, or for those who wash a small amount of clothes at a time. Like Neo, it has a wide leg stand, which makes the stand extra stable and creates free space under the frame. But what perhaps distinguishes Nano the most is its hook, which allows it to be stored in the closet when not in use. So all of you without a laundry room – look here!

    Nano comes in the colors white, black and Space Grey.

  6. All possibilities – Triple+ Black

    Our new Triple+ Black is an updated version of our previous drying stand Triple. Here, three separate shelves are offered that can be folded out completely or partially and thus create optimal drying possibilities. The new function with fold-out legs, which can also be folded out completely or partially, gives the possibility of placing Triple+ against a wall, for example. As if that wasn’t enough, the drying rack has extendable tubes on both sides that are perfect for hangers. It is also well suited for flat drying. So if you want to depart from the traditional and try something new with lots of functions, go for Triple+!

    Triple+ Black comes in the color black.

  7. Super flexible – Trio

    As the name reveals, Trio can be used in three different ways, which makes this drying stand, as mentioned above, super flexible! Let’s go through the possibilities…

    1.Save valuable floor space and hang Trio on the wall with the included hooks.
    2. Use it as a door drying stand using the hooks specially adapted for doors.
    3. Lean it against the wall and use it as a floor drying rack or place it in the bathtub.Trio has three separate shelves that fold out individually based on your drying needs!

    Trio comes in the color white.

  8. For the small accommodation – Rise

    All students with a smaller living area – look here! Rise is perfect for those who live on a smaller surface and need to protect the available space but at the same time want to maximize the drying possibilities. What makes Rise’s practical and functional design is its “pop-up” function, where the drying stand easily folds up and becomes a three-level drying rack where the laundry is hung at height. Rise takes up minimal space both unfolded and folded and can also be placed in a bathtub. To make Rise extra stable and safe, it is equipped with a locking function that locks the legs in the unfolded position. The drying rack also has a smart function for hangers, which means that you also have room for your hanging shirts and blouses. What more could you ask for?

    Rise comes in the colors white and black.

  9. Take on the caravan holiday – Compact

    Compact is one of our smaller, more compact drying stands and is unbeatable when it comes to storage because of its hook. The drying stand is perfect for smaller washes such as training clothes, towels or swimwear. This is why Compact is our top tip for all holidaymakers who may be spending their holidays in a caravan or in the summerhouse. The drying stand takes up minimal of space both in the unfolded and folded position and can be conveniently hung away with the built-in hook. Happy Holidays!

    Compact comes in the colors white, black, Space Grey, Color Warm Red and Rosé which is currently at a promotional price!

  10. Hang on the door – Entry


You find the ultimate door drying stand here. A classic door drying stand with our extra features, of course! Entry not only has space to hang smaller items on the lines but is also equipped with two hooks for bath towels or bathrobes. Not only that, it also has a hanger for shirts and blouses. The smart construction means that both hooks and hangers can be used both in the folded up and unfolded positions.

    Entry comes in the color white.

These are just a few of all our drying stands in the range, so we are sure you will find something that suits you and your needs. You will find measurements and more details in the product description and don’t forget that all our drying stands have a 5-year warranty!