Our history »

We have always stayed at home, so to speak. It started in 1943 with the manufacture of home interiors. However, pretty soon production was focused on producing wooden ironing boards and drying stands. As soon as steel tubes made an entrance into the business, the company really started to grow.

And continues to grow, to this day.

Social commitments »

It helps to try to understand. Most of the children in the world are not as fortunate as ours. A lot of times even the most basic needs are not met.

To us at Rörets it is natural to contribute in many different ways, and through many different organizations. Helping out can perhaps make us start to understand what it is like to lack food and clean water, shelter and health care.
To fully understand is impossible.

Our environment »

Our optimism in regards to the world and the environment is great, even though the challenges are substantial. We try to do the best we can in the situation that we live and work. Every little decision is crucial in the process of change. We accept our environmental responsibility in any circumstance, whether it is in determining which materials to use in a product, transportation planning or in our production.

Always striving to do the best we can, we hope to inspire you to do the same.