The last-minute Christmas gift guide!

Pressed for time? Absolutely no idea what to buy for Auntie E. and Daddy T.? You can rely on us!
We have the ideal gifts that will be a success under the tree… and in the homes of your great family and friends!

Don’t miss the following 5 hot tips from Rörets:

1. TRENDY THOMAS would love Sussi – our drying rack in matte black! Not just because it looks perfectly great in a trendy home, it is also crammed with smart features. How about the finely textured coating which prevents garments from slipping off the rack and extra strong lines for increased durability?
And there’s more… The expandable wings are lockable for easy handling and storage. The stand is equipped with a sturdy locking mechanism for extra safety when the rack is fully expanded. Thomas will be delighted! 😊

2. EFFICIENT ELLEN certainly must wish for something to make her cleaning even quicker and better?
And it has never been easier, just wrap up a spray mop! Suitable for all types of hard surfaces, such as parquet and laminate flooring and tiles. Detachable water container for easy filling of tap water. The microfiber mop effectively removes stains – and it is machine washable which means this gift is both wallet- and environment friendly. Simply a win-win concept and Ellen will be dancing happily around the Christmas tree this year! 😉

3. STRESSED SAM is not prepared to spend a lot of time on home chores. For him, our Tempo ironing board will be just the thing! It can be folded and unfolded in an instant, ironing will be a breeze and the ironed garments can be easily hung on the incorporated hook. The locking mechanism secures the ironing board in its standing position, which means you can be as stressed as you want, Tempo won’t fold.
Sam will be looking very pleased while calmly sipping his mulled wine on Christmas Day… 😉

4. NEAT NATHALIE never does anything half-heartedly. She feels that cleaning should always be done properly but using an ordinary mop on wall- and floor tiles is not very efficient. However, with our tile cleaner even the joints will be spotlessly clean! The tile cleaner is made of a durable material that can be machine washed many times. A refill can be bought separately, which means there’s also a perfect birthday present for Nathalie!
Just don’t open the presents too early on Christmas Day
– in case Nathalie wants to go home and try hers at once! 😉

5. SNOBBY SARAH might be a bit of a problem. Nothing seems good enough for her. But don’t give up! She just can’t be displeased with our drying stand Frame. This high-quality product has a softly rounded design and decorative plastic details and an ‘awesome’ slightly textured aluminium coating for a more exclusive look.
The drying stand is designed with tubing instead of clothes lines which reduces drying times by almost half!
We can promise that S’s eyes will be sparkling throughout Christmas this year! 😉

With these unbeatable tips we want to take the opportunity to wish you a truly
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!