Which cover fits my ironing board?

…It’s a question we often get. It may seem like a jungle when it comes to cover but if you have the answer to two questions you have come a long way!

1. Do I have an ironing board with an expanded metal top or chipboard?
2. What is the size of the ironing surface?

Do you have our ironing board Ballade with chipboard you should choose our cover Daisy which is specially adapted for the shape our chipboard has.

However, if you have an expanded metal table, there are a few more choices you need to make.

As mentioned, first you need to check the ironing surface measurements, our most common tables have the ironing surface 38×120 cm or 32×112 cm. Then you need to decide if you want a standard cotton cover which is the most common choice or a metallized surface. Our metallized covers have a coating of aluminium flakes which reflect the heat and makes for faster ironing …  saving both energy and money;) Do you want to test metallized? Then you go for Peggy or Oscar.

Our top seller among covers is Mary – a cotton cover with extra thick felt padding, included is also rubber strap that keeps the cover firmly in place.

Not an exception but rather a rule when it comes to us, we of course have some special tables that have their own unique dimensions and therefor their own cover. Do you for example have one of our Facile ironing boards specially designed for shirt you should choose the Fanny or Fanny Express cover. Or you might have invested in an extra-large ironing surface and have our Grande at home, then the cover is Gloria for you. Our super-stable and specially shaped ironing board Companion needs the cover Nelly.

Finally we have our newcomers Tempo and Tempo eject for these the cover Fiona is an excellent fit!

Whichever cover you choose, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive an Oeko-tex certified cover in 100% cotton and solid padding – that fit our ironing boards perfectly!

So, does it feel a bit easier choosing now? If not, just ask us, we are more than happy to help you!