Do you have a large family?

Or do you just have a lot of laundry and think that traditional drying stands are not enough?

All drying needs are different and the size of the garments vary so it can be difficult to find a drying stand that fits.

We have developed two new drying stands, where we focused on getting as much drying space as possible but without having to compromise with the compact design. A drying rack shouldn’t take up too much space.

First we have – Drying stand SIERRA which with the wings unfolded gives you 20 meter drying space! Add the locking of the wings, extra stabile and easy peasy folding so you have a drying stand that is perfect for the home with extra drying needs.

Still not satisfied? Want to have even more? Then it’s drying stand SPACE you need. With a drying space of as much as 22 meters, locking of both legs AND wings, super stable and a stylish design, there is literally nothing to complain about.

Do you have something on your mind when it comes to drying stands? Features you lack or features you desire? Send us an email, we are happy to receive your thoughts and comments to make future drying racks as good as possible!